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Can you please help give Norman a 'leg up'?

Meet beautiful Norman. One night we received a call from one of our supporters alerting us to a kitty that desperately needed our help. Someone had posted on a local Facebook page that a black kitty was injured and they were having trouble catching him. Our supporter and her husband plus 3 other good samaritans managed to catch the little dude and rush him to the local vet where they provided first aid.

The injured kitty was transferred to our friends at Paws & More Vet Centre where the nurses named him Norman. Norman was in shock and severely dehydrated when he arrived at our vets so once he was stabilized, he had his X-rays and we realized the extent of his injuries. Norman had severe pelvic fractures, with the pelvis being displaced and fractures in 4 to 5 areas as well as his pelvic canal being completely shattered. He required specialist surgery so off he went to our friends at Drovers Vet Hospital who performed major orthopaedic surgery on Norman. He had 4 plates placed and unfortunately he also had to have his tail amputated. Norman is now comfortable in his foster home and so far is making a good recovery thanks to his foster carer Tracey.

We think Norman has never been owned and has always lived his life on the streets. Now, he knows love, warmth and a full belly. He still has a long way to go in his recovery and his injury has left us with a $4000 vet bill to go with his new hips!

If you can donate to Norman’s vet bills you can donate with PayPal or by direct debit:

Commonwealth Bank Perth Rescue Angels BSB: 066-161 AC: 10709139 Ref: Norman

Every dollar counts! No donation is too small.


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