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Owner-Assisted Adoption Program

What is the Owner-Assisted Adoption Program?
The Owner-Assisted Adoption Program (OAAP) is where Perth Rescue Angels assist owners with rehoming their cat while the cat stays in the owner’s home until the cat is adopted by a new family.


We understand that giving up a furry family member is a really hard but sometimes necessary decision for a family.


The PRA Owner-Assisted Adoption Program is one option that can reduce the stress of the family and the feline when it comes to rehoming a beloved cat and reduce the burden for overfull rescues.


Benefits of the program include:

  • Keeping the cat in a home that they are familiar with whilst finding a new home. This reduces the stress of the cat having to move twice.

  • Reducing the burden for rescues that are overwhelmed with homeless and unwanted cats.

  • The owned cat does not take up a much-needed foster home that can be used to rescue an unwanted, homeless, neglected or abused cat.

  • Cats in the program have the potential to be rehomed quicker than the cats that have to wait for a foster home to become available.

  • Owners are able to meet the new potential adopters for the cat.

  • Owners get the benefit of potential adopters completing a PRA Adoption Application and experienced Adoption Admin vetting the potential adopters to find a suitable match for the cat.

  • Owners benefit from having the cat advertised on PRA social media and the website which reaches a larger cat-specific audience than private social media can reach.

  • If the cat ever needs to be rehomed in the future, the adoption agreement ensures that the new owner contacts PRA to be returned to the rescue.

  • Rehoming a cat through a rescue is much safer than giving cats away for free!

What do we need from the owner?

  • Copies of proof of vet work including: desex certificate, microchip number, vaccination card and any vet history if applicable.

  • A profile and profile photo for the cat(s). We have a template for this profile.

  • Signed surrender form.

  • Signed microchip transfer form.

  • A $50 admin fee is required. This will be refunded upon payment of the adoption fee by the adopter.

To have a cat considered for the Owner-Assisted Adoption Program or if you would like to know more, please email

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